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About Us

We want to be your "go to" Graphic Design, Web Design, and Book Design Creative Agency!

Our mission is to help our clients build their brand by enhancing their online presence and marketing materials.
Buffalo Creative Group is a small but powerful design studio with over 25 years experience in Graphic Design,  and Website Design. We use our creative problem-solving skills to offer the best possible solutions that will build up your brand awareness. So whether you’re a small business looking to create a new logo and website, or an author hoping to turn your book into the next bestseller, we’re here to help!
Leslie Taylor as a child...
Leslie Taylor

Leslie Taylor

Owner/Creative Director

E ver since I can remember, all I ever wanted to do was be creative. I used to draw ALL THE TIME as a kid, cornering people to sit for portraits, doodling all over everything, my mom’s walls, my notebooks at school (or desks, whatever!), carefully honing whatever subject interested me most at the time…until it was PERFECT. Maybe that was an early indicator that I would always be a scrupulous person! It seems like a sickness sometimes — but honestly, in the design world, I soon discovered that being detail- oriented is a simple MUST as a personality trait, so I guess that worked out for me!

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design — then acquired full-time work as a designer in various design firms & agencies. Every position I held gave me a bit more knowledge in a different area. I still draw on these experiences to help me with my projects today, and understand that my successes now are largely because of all that I have learned up to this point.

I live and work with my husband Jeff in East Aurora, along with our 3 children and 2 furry children! Buffalo Creative Group has allowed me to give the best of my creative self, enabling me to help our clients move forward with their goals in the most creative way possible.

Jeff Taylor performing
Jeff Taylor

Jeffrey Taylor

Graphic Artist/Web Designer

J eff holds an AAS in Graphic Design, and has attained expansive knowledge of Web Design over the years as a web developer & tech specialist. He has working experience as a Graphic Designer, Production Artist, Prepress Technician and Website Developer.

Jeff’s creative input is invaluable to our success. He not only assists with design work, but is our web design guru & all-around troubleshooter for all things “Tech”. He keeps our operations running smooth and has an uncanny ability to find answers to any dilemma!

Although his career has spanned a wide range in the area of design, Jeff’s other true passion is music. A self-taught guitarist since the age of 16 – He enjoys spending his spare time indulging in, and playing music.